Alpacas For Sale

At Sechrist Farms we raise both types of Alpacas:

Huacaya  (h'wha-k EYE-ya) and Suri (Sir-ee)

Huacaya 's  have a plush fleece and cute teddy bear faces while the Suri has fiber that falls into long lustrous locks that separate into indivdual ringlets.

Alpaca fiber is much softer (not course and itchy) like wool , it is also much warmer than wool. We shear once a year and take the fiber to local mills to have some of our product made into felts for boots. Alpaca fiber is very breathable and wicks away moisture.  So the felt and sock products deter sweating feet, allowing you to staydry and warm.

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Bo-Peep White Alpaca
  SOLD Bo-Peep --- a female white Huacaya born 8/22/12 Bo Peep is for sale $ 50..
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